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About Alexia Hospital

Alexia Medical Limited which runs Alexia Hospital is a registered facility under the private Hospitals Advisory Board (PHAB) Act by the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children, registration No. 073359.

Alexia Hospital was established in April 2014 as Alexia Dispensary. It caters for the residents of Mkuranga, Mbagala, Kongowe, Toangoma, Malela, Mtengu, Mikwambe, Kibada, Mjimwema, Vijibweni and Kigamboni.

Alexia Hospital is well equipped with modern equipment and technology which allows better healthcare provision for patients. It also has a pool of well-trained personnel who ensure that patients receive the best possible care.

Alexia Hospital provides treatment as per the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare Standard Treatment Guidelines (STG) and National Essential Medicines List for Tanzania.

The Hospital is strategically located right at the Toangoma Market Centre and on the main Kongowe – Kigamboni road.

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Our Vision
To be a leading primary health care provider in Tanzania, the region and beyond, while putting our patients’ needs at the centre of everything we do.
Our Mission
Our Values

Our patients speak

Letter From The CEO

Welcome to Alexia Hospital.

Thank you for your association with us which has helped us grow to this level.

This journey began as a simple dream coined from the names of two angels; Alexis and Angela. Since then there has been no looking back. It has taken faith, hope, determination, commitment and prayers from both family and friends to get here.

I may not be able to thank everyone who made this possible but there are people I called at odd hours of the night and whose brains I picked in order to make decisions which have helped us get here. This piece is dedicated to those who not only started this journey with me, but who continue to be part of it.

The mother of the girls, a woman of great compassion, source of strength and a fine medic. My mother who is always over my shoulder with her team of friends and my brother Paul for the constant push. Many others who have been of constant support include Dr. Julius who helped with the very first steps, Kinga Mazurek, Mrs. N. Akbal, Hamisi Mwagama, Beatrice M. Violet, F. Kessy, and A. Mapesa. You were there even when things did not look too good.

I further thank the members of staff who have worked tirelessly to make us the success that we are today. Finally, I would like to thank our suppliers and medical insurance partners.

I take pride in every one of you and just like C.J. Price in a memo to his staff I realise that an organization is as good as the people who run it.

Dr. A.Humphrey

Office Memorandum
November 27, 1963

To: All Employees

At 12:38 p.m., Friday, November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy and Texas' Governor John Connally were brought to the Emergency Room of Parkland Memorial Hospital after being struck down by the bullets of an assassin.

At 1:07 p.m., Sunday, November 24, 1963, Lee. H. Oswald, accused assassin of the late president, died in an operating room of Parkland Memorial Hospital after being shot by a bystander in the basement of Dallas' City Hall. In the intervening 48 hours and 31 minutes Parkland Memorial Hospital had:

1. Become the temporary seat of the government of the United States.

2. Become the temporary seat of the government of the State of Texas.

3. Become the site of the death of the 35th President.

4. Become the site of the ascendency of the 36th President.

5. Become site of the death of President Kennedy's accused assassin.

6. Twice become the center of the attention of the world.

7. Continued to function at close to normal pace as a large charity hospital.

What is it that enables an institution to take in stride such a series of history jolting events? Spirit? Dedication? Preparedness? Certainly, all of these are important, but the underlying factor is people. People whose education and training is sound. People whose judgement is calm and perceptive. People whose actions are deliberate and definitive. Our pride is not that we were swept up by the whirlwind of tragic history, but that when we were, we were not found wanting.


C. J. Price